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944 MAGAZINE: Issue 5.4 – April
POSTER CHILD FOR THE NEW REVOLUTION …DARREN GREALISH By: DB Mitchell The psychedelic stylings of his rock art are hard to ignore. Brimming with visuals that can be found in a 1960s film version of an intense acid trip, the handy work of Darren Grealish has the ability to attract the attention of any passerby from preschool to retirement. With sultry, dangerous, scary, momentous, and even enticing images, he creates the kind of allure for his clients that was lost somewhere during the transition from the world of Woodstock to the empire of MTV. Grealish’s surrealistic images have made him one of the most in-demand concert poster artist in the industry today. Acts ranging from the White Stripes to De La Soul have knocked on the doors of Biff! Bang! Pow! Studios in Los Angeles to call on his talents. The Knitting Factory, one of Hollywood’s most daring venues, has even become sort of a gallery of Grealish’s work – if they can manage to keep the posters on the wall, that is. The posters are so coveted by rock memorabilia collectors, Grealish travels regularly to shows across the globe to showcase his work while offering prints on his website (www.darrengrealish.com).

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